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Tailwaters Flyfishing /Father Son Trips

Tailwaters Fly fishing /Father-Son Trips are always something Tina and I enjoy here at The White River //Inn. These past few days it was certainly our pleasure to have George Toledo and his son Jordan as our guests. Between the British Open, The Ladies World Cup, and the great fishing we all had a great time. Oh, and I would be shortchanging everyone if I didn’t mention Tina’s great meals.

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The Toledos arrived Friday afternoon after a short flight from Dallas and a scenic drive up from Little Rock. After a great ribeye steak dinner, we sat and talked about trout fishing and hunting. We both shared iPhone pictures of past adventures and talked about future “Dream Trips”. I also got roped into watching the “devil's sport” (golf) on the big screen. Many a good fly fisherman has been lured away from the stream by the “little white ball”. I get choked up just thinking about it. Now I do have to admit we watched the ladies world cup and it was much more easy on the eyes than golf.

Saturday the guide arrived right on time and they headed out to chase some trout. The water was low and they had a great float in Forrest’s drift boat. They caught lots of fish, and I believe an 18 inch Brown was the biggest for the day.

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For the most part, they fished a hopper dropper set up and most of the fish came on the trailing midge. The hoppers are beginning to get started though. I think they are getting full in my garden and then they are migrating to the river with their tummies full. They did enjoy some dry fly action on the hoppers and that is going to continue to just get better as the summer progresses. On Sunday the guys fished a different stretch of river and had a great day! They landed over forty trout in a day and quite a few were on the hopper patterns.

George and Jordan finished off the trip with a half day on The White River fishing below the dam. The numbers were not great as they were targeting the larger fish in the catch and release areas. Jordan did catch the big fish of the day with an 18 inch rainbow! That is a trophy in anybody's book. After three days of fishing and watching some great championship golf and soccer we had to say our goodbyes. When Tina and I get to enjoy guests like the Toledos it sure makes life a pleasure here on the Bluff.

Booking Tailwaters Fly fishing/Father-Son trips is as easy as picking up the phone and giving Travis or David a call in Dallas Texas. Tailwaters has all the gear you will need for the trip and can also give you specific tips on what flies to use and how to fish them. If you can, get into their shop in person and take a look at the best fly shop in the DFW area. Oh, and by the way, tell them Moose sent ya.

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