At The White River Inn, all reservations are made by giving us a phone call. We want to give our guests the best experience possible. We look forward to hearing from you.
Are there any on site activities at The White River Inn?
Our guests enjoy the privacy of our secluded 31 acres and take advantage of the beautiful views from our deck. Many days of great fishing are closed out with complete relaxation from that position high above the river. There are a number of very comfortable places to relax inside the lodge with comfortable seating and large TV’s to catch up on the news or your favorite team. We also have a custom made fly tying table that is fully stocked with all you might need to fool tomorrow’s fish.

Will all meals be at The White River Inn?
Breakfast and Dinner are fully prepared and served at the Inn and lunch will be provided on the water. Depending on the season, lunch will be either cold or hot; depending on what would make for the best experience.

What type of trout will I expect to catch on the White River?
Brown, Brook, Rainbow, and Cutthroat Trout

What all is provided at The White River Inn?
Our all-inclusive trips really are just that. All you have to do is come with the clothing you need for fishing. Your guide will have a full stock of Orvis fly rods and reels and the boat will be fully equipped with the flies, lines, leaders, and tippets you will need. With all of that said, please feel free to bring your favorite rod, if that is what you would like to do. The guides are more than happy to accommodate.

What should I bring with me to The White River Inn?
Clothing for fishing, polarized sunglasses, waders if you have them, and sunscreen.