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White River Trout Fishing and Family Fun

July 8th, 2011

The White River Trout Fishing lately has been exceptional. T-Kirk May brought his family up and they had a great time. Spinfishing was on their agenda and Thomas had numbers in mind. I believe that Karen and T-Kirk were just sort of along for the ride. One thing was for sure though, Thomas was carrying the enthusiasm flag for the whole family. The day he arrived at around four o’clock PM he had his gear unloaded in a matter of seconds and we all headed for the river. The water was high and the shore fishing was tough, but we took the edge off with some exploring and sight casting to a couple of uncooperative Browns. I assured him the next day would be much better. We all headed back to the house and got ready for the next day!

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Twelve year old Thomas was up early, and boy was he ready to get after them! After a hearty breakfast, I ran them down to the river and introduced them to Pete their guide for the next two days. Pete had a plan and it certainly came together for them. White river trout fishing and family fun doesn’t get any better! When Thomas hit the ground back at the lodge he had some “stories to tell” for sure. He quickly informed me of the “numbers” almost before I could ask, Fifty Five before lunch,and Fifty Five after lunch!! Exactly the same number! We caught 110 trout! To say he was excited would be a gross understatement. T-Kirk makes sure his son is well traveled, and he has fished many places considering his young age. I heard about his bonefish and mutton snapper adventure from a couple of weeks earlier in the Bahamas, and he also shared the bass and bluegil stories from their family ranch in Texas. For sure this young man has caught the fishing bug in a big way. He is already planning a return trip with a friend and is looking to beat the 110 number. If the fish gods are smiling on him and he brings a buddy, I think he just might do it. One thing is certain, there will be lots of smiles, probably a little bragging, and some world class memories made! White River Trout Fishing and Family Fun, the two just go together.

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If you have a child or a grandchild and you want to make sure they join the ranks of fishing enthusiasts. The White River is as good a place as there is for great times and great trout fishing. Give us a call at 870-430-2233 if you would like to plan a trip or if you just want to “talk fishing.”

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