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A Great Fall Fish

The river is in perfect condition due to our lakes finally reaching the pool level a week or so ago. The White has been running the equivalent of about 3 to 4 generators which is just about perfect for drifting and flyfishing in my opinion. The hopper bite has slowed down some but is still good and coupled on a hopper dropper combo it is deadly right now.

A colorful rainbow getting ready to swim free!

This week's weather is predicted to be excellent and the fishing is going to just continue to get better. There have been some concerns about low dissolved oxygen levels near the dam but after talking with Steve and Jim who both fished it two days ago the fishing was excellent. Steve was whacking lots of fish on hoppers and Jim was nymphing under an indicator and said they pretty much caught a fish or two on EVERY drift. That's about as good as it gets!

This early fall weather offers some of the most ideal conditions and scenery that the Ozarks has to offer. The leaves are just starting to change and there is a pleasant crispness in the air in the morning with shirtsleeve weather by mid-afternoon. For all of you, fair-weather fishermen now is the time to be on the White River.

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